About us

Who we are

Welcome to the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division! We are a tactical realism community based around the game Squad, tactical realism being shorthand for a community that sits in-between Milsim and casual. In other words, we are a community that has flavours of milsim, like trainings, set piece events, rank structures and squad structures, but ultimately we are all here to have fun in Squad.

The 21st Mechanized Infantry Division was originally formed in 2014 on the popular Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality. Like any other unit, the 21st started out small, with a core group which steadily expanded to the point that the unit was able to host its own private and public servers, as well as host its own custom scenarios and events. These events can range from a standard AAS match, to a custom tailor made scenario like WMD recovery or hostage rescue. In addition to this, we encourage members to band together during the weekdays for impromptu “Server Raids”, where the unit will jump onto a random public server and play a few games together.

Our unit currently uses the U.S Army structure where we have ranks that range from a Private (PVT) all the way up to Captain (CPT). This is in place to show a level of progression through the unit: knowledge of tactics & formations as well as to have a clear level of seniority and leadership within the unit.

Whilst our unit may be centered around the US Army ranking structure, we pride ourselves on maintaining an international community of players. We currently have members hailing from Denmark, The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Iraq, and South Africa just to name a few.

So that is us, the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division. And you want to know the best part about all of this? You can be apart of it too! You will benefit from: Learning in-game tips & tricks from seasoned Project Reality and Squad players, Playing diverse new scenarios only possible with large organized communities, Possibilities to play matches between communities to adapt your own skills & the ability to play Squad with a large group of friends, greatly increasing your odds of success! To enquire further if you are eligible to join the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division, simply click on the application form at the side of the page!


How active is the community?

Our community is incredibly active, whilst we have mandatory events every two weeks where we host an event on saturdays, we also encourage members to band together on weekdays for “Server Raids” and to be on TS as much as possible.

Do you have a unit structure?

Yes, we currently have an infantry platoon, a training platoon (TRADOC), and we will be opening up an armoured platoon in the near future. When you first join the unit you will be put into TRADOC (training platoon) where you will do your BCT (Basic Combat Training) and it will be decided by the 1st Platoon staff as to which Squad you will be put into. Our squads are generally made up of people from similar time zones, currently we organize our Squads into EU and US players as it's much easier for squad leaders to organise their Squad if they are in similar time zones.

How do I progress in the unit?

Initially, the first two promotions are based on what trainings you have completed. Firstly you must complete your BCT (Basic Combat Training) to achieve the rank of Private Second Class, and then an ACT (Advanced combat training) to reach the rank of Private First Class. After that it’s all up to you as a member of the community, we do not promote members on a whim, nor do we allow members to “Ask” for a promotion. If you want to climb the ranks, you need to show us that you deserve it.

How do I become an administrator for the server?

We only let members with the rank of Specialist and above become server administrators, this means that you have to show some proper commitment and desire to be a part of this community.

Do you have to donate to be in the unit?

No it’s not a requirement as we do understand that for some members it's not possible. However we do encourage everybody and all in the unit to donate money to us in order to keep the servers open so we can keep doing unique things in Squad.

Do I have to be on Teamspeak all the time?

We encourage members to be on Teamspeak as much as possible, also if you are playing Squad we require you to be on Teamspeak when playing the game.

What If I can’t make a Saturday event?

In the event that you cannot make a saturday event, we require members to post an LoA (Leave of absence) at least 48 hours before the events start. This will then be noted by staff members and your squad leaders.

Does 21MID use mods?

We will be using mods for future events, these will be outlined on the event pages in the calendar well before the event start so you can download them ready for the event start.

If the above catchs your interest you should have a look at our recruitment guideline, you can find it here 21st Mechanized Infantry Division - Recruitment Introduction