General Entrance Agreement


In order to enlist into the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division, applicants must read and agree with the Unit Entrance Agreement. Shown below this notice. You will be asked to clarify your agreement and understanding of our GEA during your recruitment interview...

Unit General Entrance Agreement - GEA v6..

Last Update - August 5th 2018


This agreement contains all expectations, requirements as well as information for the unit and its members. To get accepted into the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division. Each applicant will be asked to clarify their understanding and agreement of this GEA. If applicant does not agree with unit GEA, applications will be declined.

The 21st Mechanized Infantry Division is a Tactical Realism unit, we do not define ourselves a milsim unit. We can be defined to as a more casual milsim community, being a little more loose but still offer some of the same qualities as Milsim units. Our in-game strategies are based off of years of PR experience and may therefore not exist in the real world.


Upon enlisting and being approved into the ranks of the unit. You will start off in TRADOC (Training Platoon) Where you will go through basic training and prove yourself worthy to have in our unit. After having finished Basic Training you will be transferred into an active detachment, where you can start progressing up the ranks and positions within the unit.


Members above the rank of PV2 will be logged in our system when retiring and added to our retirement roster. These retirements also allow Re-Enlistment into the unit.


In our unit it is possible to Re-Enlist. If you lost motivation to continue, lack of time or personal issues has forced you to retire. We offer previous members to start back up, maybe with a slight demotion depending on previous position and rank. This will vary from member to member.


If recruits fail to get through Basic Training during the first 2 weeks of their stay, recruits will be discharged with ability re-apply when availability is a fact. Platoon & Company staff reserves the right to discharge members of the unit in case of. Breach of unit GEA, AWOL, failure to follow instructions.


In order to progress up the ranks, our ranks apply off of several factors such as Time in Grade, In-Game knowledge, Leadership abilities as well as administrative abilities. Members are also able to commend each other for other positions / ranks. Our unit is suitable for the average leader, wanting to have a few people under his command as well as the average joe, just looking for some tactical gameplay and a nice bond between his squad mates.

Member Requirements

  • Members must be over the age of 18.
  • Members must be respectful and mature.
  • Members must be on Teamspeak when playing Squad.
  • Members must be available for Saturday Operations. (7pm GMT)
  • Members must have more than 2 weeks of In-Game experience.
  • Members must submit an LOA at least 48 hours prior to affected event.

Member Expectations

  • We expect members to participate in developing the unit.
  • We expect members to participate in daily activities.
  • We expect members to be available on our Teamspeak whenever online.
  • We expect members to remain mature and friendly to everyone in and outside of the unit. The individual member is responsible for maintaining the units public image.

Event Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  1. The training server will be available 30 minutes prior to the event, to allow all members to load into the server. And to fix potential issues with the game / connection.
  2. Upon loading into the server, all members will switch to the US Army side. Spawn in as a Rifleman and immediately switch to the Shovel.
  3. Only Company & Platoon Staff members may form squads.
  4. Members will move to the Briefing area and await further instructions Instructions will be given by Squad Leadership.

We are against any form of

  • Publicly Recruiting on other servers, other than our own.
  • Intentional In-Game glitching. (Using unintended bugs to your advantage)
  • Intentional Server-Rule breaking.
  • Racism and/or Discrimination.
  • Hacking.
  • Griefing.

Current Unit Goals

  • Effectively fill both platoons.
  • Running a Squad Server several times a month.
  • Continue Unit Campaign aspect.
  • Running weekly scenarios.

NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement

The 21st Mechanized Infantry Division uses modified content made by the units members. We wish to keep these utilities inside of the unit, we therefore do not allow sharing of any of the content you are given access to. We therefore do not allow any type of video/sound recording during sessions on our private training servers. UNLESS written approval from Company Staff members. Generally a written approval from Company Staff is required to share any unit related utilities.