Unit FAQ


Q: Who is squad leader in-game?

A: Highest ranking member, unless member wants another member to squad lead.

Q: What kit to get?

A: Ask the squad leader, once assigned a kit. Do not change your role, unless the squad leader tells you to do so.

Q: What to do when on the training server?

A: Ask the instructors for instructions, and follow directions.

Q: What is the password for the training server?

A: The password to our training server changes from time to time. Ask the instructors for a password

Q: Am I free to make use of the training server?

A: No, there must be a planned session or test session going on to join the Training server.

Q: Am I restricted to only play on [21MID] Servers?

A: No, you are free to play wherever you wish. As long as you participate in server seedings if they are ongoing at the time.

Server Seeding:

Q: Can I fly during server seeding activities?

A: Only if you belong to an aviation detachment inside of [21MID]

Q: Who is my squad leader when server seeding?

A: Your assigned Squad Leader on the unit Roster. If SL is unavailable. Highest ranked squad member is squad leader.

Q: How are server seedings different apart from regular gameplay?

A: The unit joins as a whole, and plays like the unit is structured and designed for, you therefore play with your unit squad leader & squad members. ie. Infantry Platoons remains mechanized infantry etc.

Q: Am I required to join server seeding activities?

A: If you are available, with nothing keeping you from joining, yes. Server seedings are important for the unit to keep a certain standard, as well as show off our abilities and qualities to the public.


Q: Can I enter staff channels without approval?

A: No, you should not enter a staff member channel unless you have approval from the staff member. Write a message asking for permission to join. You could be interrupting a meeting. This goes for positions below the role of “Squad Leader”

Q: Online but want some quiet but wish to remain on standby for potential trainings, scenarios etc.

A: Join the Semi-AFK channel. In case of an activity, you will be poked about it

Q: Do I call officers “Sir”, or by rank?

A: No we keep everyone equal around here, you can do so. But it is not a requirement.

Q: Do we use Teamspeak while playing?

A: Yes and no, Teamspeak is only used by staff members to easily be able to share unit bulletins. There will therefore be very little chatter on Teamspeak, and will be close to no communications all depending on how many clients are in the channel. There more clients, the more quiet of a channel. Additionally TS may be used to call out importance such as Armored assets, FOB’s and capture status so that all members of the unit is familiar with what's going on and is therefore prepared for future movements and engagements.

Q: Am I required to be on Teamspeak when playing Squad?

A: Yes, this is so that we can easily get hold of you.

Q: Usage of the “Poke” ability

A: The Poke ability must be kept to a minimum, and should only be used in case of urgent emergency, or by staff members announcing activities.


Q: Where do I get a unit signature?

A: Forum > Enlisted Area > Mess Hall > Unit Signature

Q: What important threads to look for?

A: In 21MID we require you keep yourself updated with discussions, events and so on. We therefore expect you to check the website frequently and read topics in the relevant forum sectors.

Q: Where do I find Unit Activities?

A: Forum > Operations Area > Unit Activities. Events such as Basic Combat Training are announced in the TRADOC forum.

Q: What happens if I’m away for more than 2 weeks without posting LOA?

A: Your Squad Leader may resign you from the unit due to inactivity.