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Hey there and welcome to the 21st Mechanized Infantry Division. We have created a thread about the recruitment process to help new members find their way around and get pointed in the right direction. Please follow this thread in a step by step fashion.

1. Introduction
Firstly lets make sure you feel like this actually sounds like something you wish to be a part of, simply click the following link to read more about 21MID. Where we originated from, what goals we have and what we strive to accomplish. This will get you a pretty good idea of what to expect of us. 21st Mechanized Infantry Division - About Us

2. Rules & Regulations
Assuming you feel like this is just the type of group you have been looking for, lets make sure you meet the requirements and you accept the rules and expectations we set for you. Our community is run under a so called "General Entrance Agreement" or otherwise referred to as "GEA". This is basically the code of conduct of our unit. Please make sure you read and agree with the following link: 21st Mechanized Infantry Division - GEA

3. Registration
You've got this far, you're aware of what kind of community this is, as well as community rules and regulations. We need to get you registered here on this site in order for you to submit your application. Be advised your account will not be active until you activate it through your email. Please allow up to 5 minutes for the site to send you an activation email. After clicking the activation link simply login to your newly created profile. You can register now by clicking the following link 21st Mechanized Infantry Division - Register

4. The Enlistment Form
Navigate to the Recruitment Office Forum (This forum section), and click the "Enlistment Form" thread, it you will find it above other active applications as a Sticky thread. Simply follow the guideline within the thread for submission guidelines. Otherwise you can find the thread here: 21st Mechanized Infantry Division - Enlistment Form

5. Recruitment Interview
Upon having submitted your application for review a recruiter is likely to call you onto the units Teamspeak 3 server for a recruitment interview. You can speed up the process and connect to the Teamspeak server directly after submission of your enlistment form. When connecting, simply join the "Recruitment Office" channel and wait for a recruiter to attend to you. If you are new to Teamspeak you can find information needed to download, install and connect to the server by clicking the following link: "LINK COMING SOON"

6. Unit Entry
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