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1.1 Name: Kieran
1.2 Age: 21
1.3 Location: UK
1.4 Steam Link:

2.1 How many hours in Squad?: 183
2.2 Previous clans/communities?: None
2.3 Are you a leader or a follower?: Follower
2.4 Preferred kit/role in-game?: LAT

3.1 You are the medic of your squad, and your Squad Leader and a Rifleman gets killed in front of you, how do you proceed?: Lay down smokes, wait for them to bloom and then try and revive your squad mates.
3.2 You are alone and stumble upon an enemy FOB, how do you proceed?: Relay the location and relevant information to to your squad leader, then ask how you should proceed.
3.3 You are a Squad leader of 8. What kit layout would you assign to your squad members, and why?: To be honest I have never squad leaded before but I would probably like to have two medics so we are able to stay in the fight for longer and two AT's to deal with any vehicles.
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Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:11 pm

Applicant unable to make Saturday event. Will reopen if event dates change or applicant situation changes.
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Application Declined
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