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Teamspeak Rules

Please read carefully, by joining our teamspeak server we expect you to abide to our rules and regulations!

General Rules

- Be respectful to all members and treat people as you want to be treated.
- No racism, griefing, bullying or verbal abuse
- Don’t talk over people, things can get confusing and having two people trying to talk at the same time isn’t going to help anyone.
- Streaming of music is only allowed in the music room
- No spamming, this includes pokes and messages, if you need to get hold of someone, one poke or message will suffice.
- No advertising, whatsoever on our Teamspeak server.
- Avatars are allowed within the specifications, however be mindful of what you are using. Any racist/inappropriate imagery is strictly prohibited.
- Make sure you are using push to talk. Hot-mic’s are annoying for everybody.

Member Etiquette

- Please don’t bump into staff offices, these are created so that staff members have somewhere to quietly do work, whilst being available if needed on TS. This also applies to squad offices. If you want to talk to someone, or join a squad channel and have a chat, send a courtesy message, or ask them to join you in the general lounge.

- If you see a bunch of staff in the meeting room, or a squad, don’t just bump in there. They are probably having a meeting and you just joining breaks the flow. Use common sense!

- Squad channels are not hang out areas where people can just join whenever they please, often enough they are being used for in-squad discussions! If you want to chat and chill, use the general lounge!

- If you are going AFK, switch to the AFK channel, nothing is more annoying than trying to get hold of somebody who is sitting in general lounge when in fact they are actually AFK.
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