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Unit Re-Enlistment is when a member who honourably retired from the unit wishs to return to the unit. This option has a few advantages such as rank skipping and positioning within the unit. Please note Re-Enlistments are NOT possible for members whom has been discharged from the unit. The individual member has to have a personal retirement from the unit, rather than the unit discharging the member.

The following factors have effect on the Re-Enlistment process. These also effect the rank regained upon re-entry.
  • Previous Rank
  • Previous Position
  • Previous Infractions
  • Reasoning of Retirement
  • Reasoning of Re-Enlistment
Re-Enlistments is handled ONLY by members of the Company Staff, and are handled verbally on Teamspeak. Simply connect to the Teamspeak and join the Recruitment office and request a Re-Enlistment upon being reached out to by a recruiter. If you lost the TS information you can find it here: "LINK COMING SOON"
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