F.Franciscoe's Enlistment Form

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1.1 Name: Francis Mercer
1.2 Age: 24
1.3 Location: East coast canada
1.4 Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036128994/

2.1 How many hours in Squad?: 159 hours
2.2 Previous clans/communities?: N/A
2.3 Are you a leader or a follower?: Either
2.4 Preferred kit/role in-game?: Marksman (yea i know lol)

3.1 You are the medic of your squad, and your Squad Leader and a Rifleman gets killed in front of you, how do you proceed?: Check the locations of the bodies and determine if smoke is required, if so deploy smoke and revive SL first and the rifleman second

3.2 You are alone and stumble upon an enemy FOB, how do you proceed?: IF SQUAD LEADER: Notify all SLs on command chat, Mark FOB on the map for your team to see aswell as all members of your squad, and attempt to destroy the fob with your squad. IF SQUAD MEMBER: Notify your SL of the Fobs location via grid reference and await orders.

3.3 You are a Squad leader of 8. What kit layout would you assign to your squad members, and why?: Medic x2, HAT/LAT (x2), AR, Marksman, then Fill
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